Suivez la Dre Sandra Verdon

La santé dentaire des personnes âgées

Philanthropie | 2021-11-08

Meanwhile, at the Faculty of Dentistry, a gift of $335,000 (over two years) is the catalyst for a new mobile dentistry service providing oral health care to seniors in their homes, in cases where lack of mobility, financial constraints, or other factors preclude regular dentist visits. Appropriately dubbed “Dent Ma Maison”, the program will be offered in the central West and South regions of Montreal where some 17 per cent of citizens are 65 years old and older.

“We will be working closely with CIUSSS Centre-Sud and Ouest [integrated health and social services centres], enhancing existing programs of home services available to the elderly,” says Dr. Sandra Verdon, program director for the Faculty of Dentistry. “CIUSSS social workers will identify patients in need of our services and our mobile dental unit team – myself along with a student and/or resident – will conduct home visits to provide basic dental health care and instruction.”

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